The Bride


Elizabeth was born in NH to Bill and Elaine Kenny, where she immediately met her two older brothers, Patrick and Ben and later her younger sister Meredith. It is there she learned to ski at Pat’s Peak and realized her love for mountains, Cape Cod, and pure maple syrup. The family packed up and made N. Lake Tahoe home in 1990 and soon found Squaw Valley to be where they spent all their time and made life- long friendships.  After years away at college in Montana, Oregon and Boston, and some island time in Palau volunteering with the Peace Corps, Liz settled into a career in Medical Policy while living out her dreams making the mountains home again. Her top five favs: Kenyon, Lady Laguna Darling of Truckee, ski vacations, family, rad girlfriends, good live music (you didn’t count wrong, she gets six because she’s the bride and typing this in third person.)

The Groom


Kenyon was born in Los Angeles, CA though spent most of his life growing up in Las Vegas , NV and Vancouver, WA with his parents Clark and Pam. He has one sister named Chyree. In high-school the game of football found him and his life-long entourage.  Later while playing football for the Rebels at University of Las Vegas, Kenyon discovered snowboarding outside Vegas of all places and the potter’ wheel. Also looking for an established career in the mountains, Kenyon earned his Masters Degree in Education from Sierra Nevada College and found his way to Squaw Valley Academy to teach the lucky kids some art in between snowboard sessions at Squaw. Today Kenyon teaches HS and spends more time hammering metal to make mixed metal jewelry. His top five favs: Elizabeth, grilling Meat, snowboard vacations, mountain biking and making art.

Lady Laguna

Darling of Truckee

Laguna is a 6-month-old Westie and is Kenyon and Liz’s #1 fan.  Her top five favs: her squeaky turtle toy, long trail walks, naps, trying to convince the cats to be her friend and playing tag.

Maid of Honor

Meredith Richmond

Meredith is Elizabeth’s sister. She is the proud Mamma of Ireina (10) and Isaiah (7) and wife to Ryan. After spending five years in Maui, she and her family recently moved to Truckee to be closer to family and play full-time in the mountains. Her top five favs: family, chocolate, mangos, hiking, Latin Jazz (some Pitbull).

The Best Man

Landon Conarty

Landon and Kenyon met in the 9th grade. They both played football and were on the track team. They share the same love for BBQ sauce. Landon and his wife Michelle live in Phoenix, AZ and just welcomed their little boy Aiden earlier this year. Landon’s top five favs: Family, foodie adventures, lepechauns, The Detroit Lions, a hoppy west coast IPA.


Chelsea Robinson

Chels and Liz grew up ski racing at Squaw Valley together and later attended Montana State in Bozeman to live out their dreams as skiing Bobcats. Their best summer was working at the bungee tower at the top of Squaw and their worst was at age 17 upon their cross-country road trip starting in California and abruptly ending at the Grand Canyon with a blown Subaru engine. Chels lives in Jackson, WY with her husband Trevor, three-year-old son Dash, and Stevie the cat.  Chelsea’s top five favs: Family, yoga, cinnamon rolls, kittens, skiing, and Lizard (of course).


Steve Weich

Steve and Kenyon met in the 9th grade.  They quickly discovered that they had a shared love for video games and basketball at the park.  Steve and his wife Jennifer just celebrated their wedding and live in Phoenix, AZ. Steve’s top five favs: raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens, brown paper packages tied up with strings…..


Angeline Alexakos

Ange is Elizabeth’s first friend from Miss Barton’s 4th grade class at Memorial Elementary school in Bedford, NH.  Angeline convinced Elizabeth to play soccer because they needed a goalie and well she was pretty much the same height then as she is now.  (We won the state title I’m pretty sure that year). Despite Elizabeth’s move to Lake Tahoe in 5th grade, they remained friends through letter writing and memorable visits back and forth across the country to San Francisco and Cape Cod.  The two shared an apartment together in Boston while Elizabeth attended graduate school and Ange soon became a staple at the notorious World Cup Ski event, BeaverFest. In fact, she won Rookie of the Year in her white one-piece fringed Elvis number. Ange currently fights crime on the mean streets of Manchester, NH. Angeline’s top five favs: food, last minute adventures, live music, vacation, family/friends/chocolate lab Walter


Thomas Conte

Tom and Kenyon met here in Tahoe at a birthday party of a mutual friend. They quickly became friends as shared many of the same interests including boating, snowboarding, and craft beer. Tom lives in Tahoe and often at Liz and Kenyon’s house. Tom’s top five favs: first light, going fast, deep turns, fresh pasta, and a strong drink.


Sarah Rose Kenny

Sarah is Elizabeth’s 11-year-old niece and lives in N. Lake Tahoe. She is an avid chef, skier, kayaker and flow-art athlete. Sarah’s top five favs:  Jell-O, skiing, pugs, unicorns, and Lizzy.

Kelsey Kenny

Kelsey is Elizabeth’s 7-year-old niece and lives in N. Lake Tahoe. She is super funny and loves to play tricks on her grandpa. Kelsey’s top five favs: pugs, Hula Pie, love, kayaking and skiing.


Isaiah Richmond

Isaiah is Elizabeth’s 7-year-old-nephew and lives in Truckee, CA.  He is super into biking, skiing and getting air any way he can find. His top five favs:  listening to hard rock music in Elizabeth’s car.


Ireina Richmond

Ireina is Elizabeth’s 10-year-old niece and lives in Truckee, CA. She is super into sports, reading, outdoor adventure and playing with her friends. Ireina’s top five favs: soccer, traveling, panda bears, skiing and her new puppy, Bear.

Flower Girl

Kallyn Burley

Kallyn is Kenyon’s three-year-old great niece and lives in Las Vegas, NV. Her top five favs: Boss Baby, Minnie Mouse, the color pink, Play-Doh, and candy

Flower Girl

Inii Kaye Ijo Kenny

Inii is Elizabeth’s 1.5-year-old niece and lives in Sonoma County, CA. She loves to make everyone around her smile and dance whenever she hears a good beat. Inii’s top five favs: Dada and Mama, her brother Iyasus, flowers, drumming, dancing and singing.



Jenna Belden (aka Foop)

Jenna grew up in Truckee, CA and met Elizabeth skiing when she moved to Tahoe in 5th grade. They bonded over their love for Westies, Jenna’s dog was Maggie and Elizabeth’s were Bartles and James. They ended up skiing in college together right up to the week they both blew out their ACL’s…..rehabbing (and a lil’ partying)  their way to finish up freshman year. Jenna is Truckee’s premiere realtor extraordinaire and lives down the road from Liz and Kenyon with her husband Errol (also a Beaverfest MVP of the Year) and their Boss Baby, 2-year-old Asher.